Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings & their role in the Greek reality

The importance of MDT meetings in managing complex patients internationally recognized and well established. It is an important tool in all successful health systems worldwide and represents multiple benefits:

  • Ensures safety and quality assurance
  • Allows input from experts with different fields of interest in order to suggest the ideal treatment option for the individual patient
  • Promotes the development of medical science
  • Is an excellent training tool

In Greece, MDT meetings are being used for a number of years in the management of serious life-threatening diseases such as malignancies (oncology MDT meetings). However, the role of an MDT in a formal and organized context or not, is by no means limited there. On the contrary, MDT meetings have a lot to offer in many areas of medical science in general and Obstetrics – Gynaecology in particular.


MDT meetings conference


“Mitera” Hospital, a member of the “Hygeia” Group, supports and promotes the provision of high quality health services. This is achieved through the expertise, specialization and cooperation of a team of specialists aiming to satisfy the best interests of the patients. In this context, the first Conference of the Colposcopy Clinic of the Mitera Hospital was organized on October 23, 2021, entitled “The specialized knowledge in support of the Gynaecologist and the Woman”.


MDT meetings Mitera


You can watch below the Conference and the presentation of Dr. Christina Founta on ‘the role of the Colposcopy MDT in the Greek reality’. Gynaecologist Dr. Founta was one of the two organizers of the Conference, which was honoured by distinguished colleagues in the field as guest speakers.

We envisage for this to be the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at improving the health services to the women of our country!