Laparotomy (open surgery) has been until the recent decades the only option for patients in need of gynaecological surgery. In the recent years it has been replaced to a large extend by laparoscopic surgery as the minimally invasive approach presents clear advantages (see advantages of laparoscopic surgery compared to open). However, under certain circumstances, open surgery is the appropriate option (see contraindications to laparoscopy).

Open gynaecological operations can be performed via a low horizontal or a vertical incision. The former is preferred where possible as it offers benefits such as better aesthetic results and faster recovery. The vertical incision is used when the better access it provides is necessary.

If gynaecological surgery is indicated for your condition, the options, preparation, risks, recovery process and possible long-term complications will be discussed with you in detail and all your questions will be answered based on the international literature and guidelines to assist your informed decision.