tubo-ovarian cancer

Tubo-ovarian cancer

The risk for a woman to develop tubo-ovarian cancer in their lifetime is estimated at 1-2%. There are tests, such as tumour markers measured in blood serum and imaging methods (ultrasound, CT and MRI), which are abnormal for women with tubo-ovarian cancer.

However, tubo-ovarian cancer does not meet the criteria as described above for the general population to be offer organized screening.

Nevertheless, it is important for specific population groups to be checked regularly:


  • Women with suspicious symptoms
  • Women with personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer
  • Women who, due to their young age, have undergone fertility preserving surgery for borderline ovarian tumours


If you have strong family history of cancers (such as bowel, ovarian, breast and / or endometrial cancer), seek advice from your gynaecologist.